British Shorthair

British Shorthair type of coat: short-haired, semi-longhair

Size: medium to large

Country of origin: England

British shorthair cats have a very thick and soft coat. Their eyes are large, round and amber-colored. They have a round head and chubby attractive face, as well as a muscular body. British shorthair cats can be of different colors and patterns, but blue is their most common colour.

Personality of British Shorthair cats
Many people who own a British Shorthair cat say that these animals are wonderful companions at home, especially if you like intelligent and not too demanding cats. These cats will keep you a good friend throughout their life, as they will become loyal and loving, only in return for your dedication and love. And the more time, energy and love you give these cats, the better your relationship. British Shorthairs cats are by nature fairly quiet. These cats are very affectionate, however they tend to be less playful than other breeds. This cat breed needs owner-to-cat contact, but also they like to have time and space for solitude. British Shorthairs would prefer to curl up nearby or sit next to you. British Shorthair cats are usually very tolerant to another cat or dog in the family, and do great with kids.

Health Problems of a British shorthair cat
Today’s British shorthair cats, like their ancestors, are a very healthy, if not one of the healthiest breeds. The only serious hereditary health problem that the cat may rarely encounter in it’s life is a disease called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. The disease might develop at any age of the cat, but it is usually more common in older cats. When hypertrophic cardiomyopathy occurs, some of the heart muscle cells enlarge and cause the walls of the left ventricle to expand. Because of this enlargement in the heart, blood might not be able to flow in and out of the heart. However, a proper diet will significantly reduce the chances of getting this disease.

Caring for your British Shorthair cat
Despite the fact that this breed has short coat, they still need regular grooming because of their thick, dense undercoat, so a thorough groom once a week is usually enough. If you choose to let your British Shorthair cat outside, bathing might be necessary every two weeks or so, but if your cat is strictly an outdoor cat, no bathing should be necessary.

This description is simply typical of the breed; the information does not always coincide with the characteristics of a particular cat of this breed!